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  • What are the SIP panels made from?


The outer shell is typically made of Oriented Strand Board, usually referred to as OSB, (but other options are also available) and has been treated to meet the requirements of H1.2. The inner is made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), which is a rigid cellular plastic made up of small, hollow polystyrene balls – or PUR (Polyurethane) which is a closed-cell foam core.


  • Are the panels highly flammable?

No. The panels contain a flame retardant which means that they don’t propagate fire. Instead, they pull back from the heat source and form a hard skin. Also, because there is no free air within the panels, they tend to extinguish any flames by choking their air supply.

  • I hear that SIP panels contain high levels of formaldehyde. Is this true?


No. The foam core does not contain any formaldehyde. There are very low levels of formaldehyde in the OSB (the timber panels that sandwich the foam), but these are so minimal that in fact, our bodies produce more!

  • How eco-friendly are your panels?


EPS is recyclable and the OSB used in our panels is taken from Sustainable Forestry Initiative managed forests. If there’s any waste on-site, it is recycled. 

  • Where are your SIPs made?


Right here in New Zealand.

  • Do SIP homes cost more to build?


The costs are marginally higher than on a traditional timber-framed home since the panels arrive to site pre-cut. However, the energy savings, in the long run, make it more than worth the investment.

  • Are SIPs accepted by building authorities?

Yes, our SIPs meet all New Zealand council building requirements.


  • What type of section should I bear in mind for a high performing home?


Preferably a north-facing site that gets a good amount of sunlight. Please note that the steeper the site, the more expensive it is to build on.

  • I have a section of land in the Wairarapa and would like a quote to build on it. Will you meet me on-site and provide a free quote?


Yes, we cover the wider Wellington area, including the Wairarapa and Kapiti Coast. We are happy to meet with you on-site and will charge you for the time spent preparing the quote.

  • What sort of guarantees do you offer?


Our panels carry a 50-year warranty, and we also offer the 10-year Master Builder’s Guarantee on all projects valued at over $30,000.00.  It is mandatory for us to offer this to you, but you have the option of ‘opting out’ should you wish to do so. 

  • Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we have a $2m public liability cover, and we will also arrange Contract Works Insurance for your new build.

  • Can I request a fixed price for my job?

No, but we try to give estimates that are within 10% of the final cost of the project.

  • Do you have a show home somewhere that I could look at?

No, we don’t, but from time to time, we host open homes at houses we are building for clients. If you are interested in viewing one, let us know and we’ll add you to our database to keep you in the loop for the next one.

  • Do you have set plans/designs for your homes?

No, just as every client is different, we like to tailor each home to their needs and wants. If you don’t already have an architect, we can work with you to design your bespoke home.

If you have more questions about our panels, please download the EPS or PUR booklets on our Resources page.


For any further queries or to meet with one of our team to discuss your project, please contact us on 0800 368 470. 

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