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Bob and Scilla's SIP Home Story

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


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SIP home in the evening

SIP home in an open plain

Do you love a good story? I know that I do. Especially this time of year. There’s just something about summer that makes you want to put your feet up and slow down. So, why don't you go and grab yourself a large glass of iced tea (or something stronger if you need it!) and I'll wait right here for you.

Okay, you're ready? This is the story of Bob and Scilla's SIP home build:

Bob and Scilla had long had the vision to build a high-performing home on their section in rural Wairarapa. It was at the Wellington Home and Garden Show in May 2017 that they first encountered Wellington builders Green Abode and the idea of living in a home that was well insulated with comfortable temperatures all year round (not to mention long-term savings on heating and cooling!) was exactly what they were looking for.

After confirming the final plans and securing finance, earthworks started on their land in February 2020. It was such an exciting day to see work happening on their land after three years of waiting and planning! It didn’t take long for Renai, the digger driver, to prepare the flat section and for the fully insulated concrete slab to go down. A few days later, a massive steel ridge beam and posts were installed to support the SIP panels, followed by the framing of the interior walls.

Digger compacting gravel

The wall and roof structural insulated panels were delivered to the site soon after. It took all of one week and three men to set up the wall panels. And just like that, a concrete slab suddenly had walls! Bob and Scilla were amazed to see how quickly their house was taking shape.

Builders installing a SIP wall panel

Their excitement was short-lived however because, at the end of March 2020, New Zealand went into lockdown. The roof panels were not on yet, so the Green Abode team had to quickly prime the wall panels to protect them from inclement weather as autumn was quickly setting in. It was certainly not an ideal situation to leave the house exposed for a long period of time, but the team did what they could to ensure the panels were covered well enough to protect them from deteriorating.

SIP home with all wall panels up

Unfortunately, during the lockdown, a massive wind gust blew over a stack of roof panels that were waiting to be installed. The builders had to break their bubble in order to sort this out, but fortunately, little damage was done.

Four weeks later (or thereabouts), the builders were allowed back on site and began installing the roof panels onto the structure. Bob and Scilla were pleased to see progress on their house once again.

SIP roof panel being craned on

Soon there was another hiccup, however. Due to the lockdown, there were a few delays in the Colorsteel cladding arriving at the site. It took some time, but it eventually arrived, and the builders were able to install the cladding. There was yet another setback, however. This time it was the windows. When they arrived, it was obvious that they were the wrong size! Luckily the team on site were always up for a challenge.

Bob and Scilla took a very hands-on approach, completing parts of the interior painting (along with Green Abode subbies), and also building the deck and bookshelf. In addition to keeping costs down, being available on-site ensured that any issues were able to be resolved quickly. This also meant plenty of home baking by Scilla for the builders and subbies which they thoroughly enjoyed!

The project took longer than expected due to the lockdown, and although the details inside the house were not finished, the Green Abode team ensured Bob and Scilla were able to move in by their deadline. By November 2020, the Green Abode team completed their contract and moved on to their next project.

Looking back now at the journey of building their home, Bob and Scilla are grateful to have made the decision to build with Green Abode. “Kevin took great care of us throughout the project, always generous with his advice and help, and very understanding of our tight budget. We now have a lovely home which we plan to enjoy for many years to come."

Completed SIP house

(Thank you, Bob and Scilla! We thoroughly enjoyed being given the privilege of building your home. This is what our dreams are made of.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our client’s story. If you’re investigating options for your new home, we would be delighted to be a part of your story! Please get in touch with us today to discuss options.

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