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5 Benefits of an Eco-Friendly, Energy-Efficient, Transportable Home

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


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The interior of a Green Abode transportable home

There are tiny homes and there are transportable homes. “What’s the difference?”, you ask. A tiny home is defined as a dwelling that is generally no larger than around 37 m². They are sometimes on wheels and can be moved from location to location.

A transportable home, on the other hand, is built off-site in sections and then delivered to its permanent site for assembly. There are many options on the market today in varying shapes and sizes, but not many are made of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) which provide superior insulation - among other things.

Enter Ecobode.

The interior of a 4 bedroom Green Abode transportable home showing the dining and kitchen

These modular, transportable homes are Green Abode's solution to the problem of unaffordable, damp, cold homes in New Zealand. This is a fantastic solution for people wanting to enter the property market and those wanting a healthy, dry home.

Let’s look at the 5 top benefits of an Ecobode home:


1)     Eco-Friendly

As the name suggests, Ecobode homes are eco-friendly because they are built off-site and then transported to their permanent location. This means there are minimal earthworks and therefore less damage to the earth. It also means there is less material wastage because the homes are built with SIPs where the wall, roof and flooring panels are designed and cut to size in the factory.


Also, the paints and oils used on Ecobode transportable homes have low or no VOCs. This makes for a toxic-free environment – brilliant!


2)     Energy-Efficient

SIP homes are more energy-efficient than timber-framed homes because the panels ensure no draughts can get in, reducing power bills. We can build these homes close to Passive Home standards.


The windows contribute to the home’s energy efficiency by trapping heat in the wintertime and keeping unwanted heat out in the summer.

Bedroom of a Green Abode transportable home

3)     Healthy

One of the things we love about Ecobode homes is that they are healthy. The airtightness of the panels and a ventilation system that controls airflow restrict dampness and mould growth in the home and allergens. This is wonderful news for allergy sufferers and people with asthma! The ventilation system maintains constant fresh air conditioning and heat recovery with minimum energy consumption.

 4)     Cost-Efficient

SIP homes indeed cost more to build than standard timber homes, but they are more cost-efficient in the long run as very little expense is incurred with heating and cooling costs.

The front exterior of a Green Abode transportable home

5)     Natural Resources

We fully believe in using natural resources where we can. Therefore, our homes use 100% natural wool carpet and timber planks for flooring. The cladding is also 100% natural, made of chipped and pressed timber with natural oil. There is also the option to use Bamboo cladding - a very sustainable product.


We also offer solar panels as an upgrade option for all our Ecobode homes. Some clients prefer to go partially off-grid and save roughly 30% off their annual power bill and others choose to go completely off-grid.

Bathroom showing the basin and shower of a Green Abode transportable home


Ecobode homes come in 1, 2, 3 or 4-bedroom options, however, because we understand that no two households are the same, you can select different modules to make up the home that best suits your



The back exterior of a Green Abode transportable home

Interested? Check out the website for the plans, spec book and more: or give us a call at 0800 368 470.


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