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Top Design Trend Predictions for 2024


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Dark green couch in front of a dark green wall

2023 is ending, and we are rapidly approaching a new year. How has time flown so quickly?

Are you planning to build a new home in 2024? If so, you're undoubtedly aware that the process can be overwhelming. From choosing the right materials to selecting the perfect colours and finishes, there are countless decisions that need to be made. One of the best ways to make the process less stressful is to stay informed about the latest design trends.

By knowing ahead of time what the design predictions are, you can streamline your decision-making process and ensure that your new home is stylish and comfortable and will outlast the changing trends for many years to come.

This blog post by Wellington builders Green Abode examines six essential design elements: colour, lighting, hardware, materials, kitchens, and overall aesthetics.

Keep reading to learn how you could incorporate some of these into your design!


The colours that are predicted to be popular in 2024 are browns, such as terracotta and rust. Green will also be a top choice, especially for kitchens, with tones ranging from sage to emerald. According to Resene, colours that are nature-inspired will continue to be a popular choice (in addition to browns and greens, think greys and shades of peach, blue and orange) as well as textured walls using the Resene FX Paint Effects Medium range and wallpapers.

Wooden and green kitchen cabinetry and island

A new trend is looking likely to emerge, where cool and warm tones will be mixed in the same room, instead of keeping them separate. This mix of colours in one room will become more popular than just neutral tones in a single colour. In fact, the "all-white" era is fading from the style pages due to being high-maintenance and lacking individuality. White will still be used but more likely as an accent feature, along with black and grey.


Layered lighting will be trending, where multiple sources of light are used, such as recessed lights, pendants, wall sconces, floor lamps, LED strip lights, and more. This means that you can use lights just in the area where you're working, without having to switch on all the lights. Additionally, you can change the atmosphere from a fully bright room when guests are over, to dimming them in the evening. This versatile scheme is eco-friendly as it only lights up the area that is needed, also saving on power bills.

In terms of table and bedside lights, natural materials with organic shapes will be in focus. Think rattan, leather, and wood.

Rattan bedside lamp

Matte pendants will make way for high gloss chrome and silver. Bold and sculptural chandeliers will also become more popular. They are perfect for entryways or above the dining table where they can create a dramatic focal point.

Gold tap over a marble basin


Matte black hardware will take a backseat in 2024, with gold taking centre stage. Matte, satin, and brushed gold taps will be more popular, creating a warmer aesthetic. Don’t be too quick to replace your brass fixtures either, as these are making a comeback in more modern shapes and sizes.


We are thrilled that there has been a growing consciousness globally towards sustainability, and people are buying more thoughtfully, keeping the environment in mind, and creating less waste. Natural materials will continue to be the preferred choice for many, with cork being one of these options. It is a durable, water-resistant, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and eco-conscious material that is being used in fabric and wallcoverings – among many other products. Natural stone, marble and terracotta will also be popular in 2024.

In kitchens, we will continue to see a mix of materials in kitchen cabinetry, such as complementary timbers or timber with laminate.


We have not discussed any other specific rooms in the house, but we do need to talk about kitchens because they can have a lot of fixed furniture that can become outdated quickly.

In the upcoming year, kitchen layouts will be more minimalist, with a focus on easy cleaning and maintenance (i.e. pantries that offer great storage space, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, grout-free floors, and benchtops that are easy to clean).

White kitchens will be replaced with greens and bold colours, and there will be a shift towards more personalization by incorporating art or wallpaper. Subway tiles will no longer be the centre of attention, being replaced with unique stonework and other statement backsplash materials.

With more people thinking sustainably, waterfall islands won’t be as popular, but instead islands with exposed sides. This is not only a budget-conscious and eco-friendly decision but is also a good way to showcase skilled carpentry.

Rangehoods will become more decorative and are likely to be made of wood, stainless steel, and mixed materials.

Wood and black laminate kitchen cabinets and island


Recently there has been a shift towards a more comfortable and lived-in aesthetic, instead of a smooth, minimal, and sterile one. This means that people are now furnishing their homes with more unique and one-of-a-kind pieces, rather than mass-produced ones, which is in line with the growing trend of being more eco-friendly.

This shift means that it’s time to pull out Nana’s old rocking chair currently stored in the garage! Displaying unique pieces such as this can add character, individuality, and depth to your home because they tell your family’s story - and make a statement.

Comfy lounge room with a green vintage rocking chair

There you have it! Green Abode’s design predictions for 2024. We hope these tips for colour, lighting, hardware, material, and aesthetics have given you some inspiration to help guide the decisions for your home.

Make individuality and sustainability your focus and your home will outlast the trends that come and go through the years.

Green Abode designs and builds high-performing homes within the wider Wellington region. Our homes are tailored to our client’s needs and wants, keeping sustainability at the forefront of our minds. Contact us here to discuss your plans!


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